Take a look on some of the witchcrafts magic spells

Spell and Witchcraft

For thousands of years, people believed in a spell and this created many fantasy movies that demonstrate how spell is done. A spell is believed to be magical words that when said to something or someone with a ritual of preforming witchcraft, it really happens. If a spell is cast on someone, he may be changed from a different entity. However, people believed this one  as truth due to the experiences that has ever happened from the beginning of civilizations. There are two kinds of spell, evil and good. However, as you know casting a spell to someone is a result of evil motive.

How do people tell if a spell is cast on them? Many say that if they get sick but the cause could not be found by a doctor no matter how many times they go, they assume that they a  spell is cast on him. One said that he went to a doctor to have his knee check up and he underwent many x-ray from different hospital, later he went an “unknown” doctor, and the doctor said that he a spell was cast on him and while massaging his knee, sand were coming out.This is what they believe as a spell.

Witches who performed a spell is believed to know what her fortune is and that she knew what her future will be. Although it does not happen that often, spell and witchcraft is believed to be true. We have to make sure of how we get healed when we are sick.