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How Magic Occurs

How Magic Occurs

It seems that there are really magicians. Could they be real in existence? A lot of people are so amazed at how magician works, making things appear and disappear. Many of us believe it and we come to be curious about how they would do it. Did you know that magicians learned how to perform magic for several practices? As you know, humans have no power so they do trick to perform this, which is really no magic at all in the sight of the magicians.

Magicians perform on stage using trick of human mind. There is no magic at all. They just use deception of human vision in order to show things are real but in reality, there is nothing true about what the mind can do. For example, the cards appear and disappear in our sight because that is what the mind can perceive after a magician say that a card will soon disappear. The mind has conceived this and as you know mind is directly related to vision.

In that sense, we see that is really disappears but in the reality, the card is just there in the players hand. Illusion is caught up in the air so the trick that happens becomes really true. The true cause of magic is the ability of the mind to conceive what is impossible to conceive. Therefore, our mind is the real problem why we see magic when in fact, they are just trick. This is normal in the human brain, although it is like this.