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How to Defend a Spell

How to Defend a Spell

Faith in God is the only way to defend a spell. Actually, a spell is the work of the evil spirit. In fact, there is no power of human to cast a sickness to someone. It is sure that this is the work of the evil spirits. Then how to defend a spell? Of course, find the one who can heal. That is God who created the heavens and the earth and that you can do all the things to defend spell by finding God and asking HIM to guard you from those kinds of evil schemes.

The evil spirits that perform spell are also the evil spirits that perform curing for those who are cast with spell. If it does not come from evil spirits, where they get their power from? If you have faith in God, God will protect you from those ones. Since there are many people who are making every effort to find the way to cure their sickness, first they find doctor and the last they are going to seek is God. God can do anything possible. People always regards God as the last and not the first.

But if we seek God first and ask God for protection from any other disaster that comes upon us. This moment, there are so many things to make sure of all the things to follow all the things that we have to do. At this moment, people(Christians) should not forget God and receive his blessing until the end no matter what happens.